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We are putting together a new and highly improved Infopack information DVD - Version 6.0

Preview it here.

Due to increased demand, we are now mass producing all NT Infopack CDs.  The new printed DVDs are of the highest quality and look great! - Thank you for your continued support!

infopack The NT Infopack CD does not contain plans or instructions. It is an extension of the nyethermodynamics.com website and is divided into 8 sections that contain a variety of CAD drawings, high-res. photos, .pdfs, video and other information that is not available on the web. (some of the files are very large)

The CD is designed to "autorun" and load in your web browser for easy viewing. The NT Infopack runs totally from the CD, no installation is required. The NT Infopack CD is totally safe to run on your computer and contains no active content (other than the JetSpecs Designer program.)

Warning: Some of this stuff can be dangerous (deadly). We are in no way suggesting that anyone should use this information to build a turbine engine or anything else shown here.   The NT Infopack CD is supplied as-is without warranty of any kind and is intended to be used for entertainment only.

Here's what you get...


The NT Infopack now includes JetSpecs Designer 2.0.  This neat program allows the user to try different engine parameters and see theoretical results. The designer section suggests dimensions and combustor hole patterns based upon user input. This program can be very helpful for turbo turbine design and development.

Note Mar 2008 - we used JetSpecs to help design the combustor liner for the J07-NT-XX project, and it works great!

Section 1 - NT/1 Turbojet  

BulletHigh-res. Photos (.jpg)
        Bullet NT/1 combustor details.

Bullet2D CAD drawing. (AutoCAD R12 .dxf, R14 .dwg and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Combustor Assy. 


Section 2 - NT/3 Turbojet

BulletHigh-res. Photos (.jpg)
        Bullet NT/3 set-up & running

Section 3 - NT/4 Turbojet

BulletHigh-res. Photos (.jpg)
        Bullet NT/4 set-up details

BulletVideos (mpeg)
        Bullet Detail close-ups with narration.
        Bullet NT/4 start-up, run, thrust demonstration etc.

Section 4 - NT/5 Turbocharger Turbine

Section 1 contains all the information from our original NT/5 infopack.

nt/5 inducer.DWG  nt/5 combustor.DWG 

nt/5 Inducer.DWG   nt/5 apu.DWG

Bullet2D CAD drawings. (AutoCAD R12 .dxf, R14 .dwg and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Combustor Assembly.
        Bullet Inducer ring.
        Bullet Exducer connector.
        Bullet Apu
        Bullet Lots more...

Bullet3D Solid Model CAD drawings. (AutoCAD R12 .dxf  R14 .dwg and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Combustor Assy.
        Bullet Turbocharger
        Bullet Fiber-Optic Probe
        Bullet Engine Mount / Thrust Measuring Sub-System
        Bullet Load cell
        Bullet Inducer Assy.
        Bullet Jet-pipe & Exhaust Nozzle
        Bullet Engine Test Stand
        Bullet Instrument Panel
        Bullet Oil Tank

BulletHigh-res. Photos (.jpg)
        Bullet NT/5 set-up and component details.
        Bullet NT/5 thrust system calibration.
        Bullet Afterburner detail shots.
        Bullet Afterburner flame holder and fuel injector.
        Bullet Afterburner fuel system.
        Bullet Afterburner hot-streak ignition system.
        Bullet Free turbine mounting adapter detail shots.
        Bullet Free turbine installed.
        Bullet Tons more...

BulletWord Documents. (.txt, MS Word and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Field notes with results of changes made during testing.
        Bullet Proposed gearbox specifications with make and model numbers.

BulletVideos (mpeg)
        Bullet NT/5 test run including turbine failure.
        Bullet After-Burner close-up shots.
        Bullet After-Burner test runs.
        Bullet After-Burner fuel system close-ups.
        Bullet Free Turbine close-ups.

Section 5 - NT/6 Wood Burning Turbine

BulletField notes: ( MS Word and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet G12 Turbo details.
        Bullet NT/6 Run-up.
        Bullet Turbo details.

Bullet2D CAD drawings: ( AutoCAD R12 .dxf, R14 .dwg and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Combustor Assy. (Inner and outer liners)
        Bullet Turbo adapter.
        Bullet Flame cutting templates.

BulletHigh-res. Photos:
        Bullet Lubrication & cooling system.
        Bullet Combustor.
        Bullet Gas Producer.
        Bullet Throttle valve.
        Bullet More...

Section 6 - The Hornet Project

BulletVideos (mpeg)
        Bullet Detail close-ups with narration.
        Bullet Hornet in operation.

BulletLots of High-res. Photos including detail close-ups of:
        Bullet Fuel System.
        Bullet Combustor.
        Bullet "YF-22" Nozzle.
        Bullet Throttle Valve.
        Bullet Compressor.
        Bullet More...

Section 7 - Squirt 1 Turbine Jet boat

Bullet2D CAD drawings. ( AutoCAD R12 .dxf, R14 .dwg and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Allison T63 turbine layout.
        Bullet Motor Mounts.
        Bullet Inducer flange.
        Bullet Power take-off shaft and brake components. (Proper detail shop drawings with full spline details etc.)
        Bullet T63 to Powerglide transmission drawings for converting a car to turbine power.
        Bullet More...

BulletTons of High-res. Photos (.jpg)
        Bullet Lots of photos of every component from various angles.

BulletWord Documents. (.txt, MS Word and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Field notes with results of various fuel and water injection tests.

BulletSpreadsheets. (.txt, Excel97 and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet Fuel tests.
        Bullet Water injection tests.

BulletSchematics (.jpg)
        Bullet Electrical schematic scans.
        Bullet Engine and pump scans.

BulletVideos (mpeg)
        Bullet Detail close-ups with narration.
        Bullet Squirt 1 in action. (long, high-res. version.)

Section 8 - Squirt 2 Turbine Jet boat

Bullet2D CAD drawings. ( AutoCAD R12 .dxf, R14 .dwg and Adobe .pdf)
        Bullet T58-GE-8F  turbine layout.
        Bullet Lycoming T53L13B turbine Layout.
        Bullet Various turbine and gearbox layout proposals.
        Bullet Squirt 2 general arrangement.

BulletHigh-res. Photos (.jpg format)

BulletVideos: High resolution (Full Screen)

Infopack CDs
New NT Infopack CDs ready to ship.

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All NT Infopacks ship by Canada Post and usually arrive within about one week. (please allow up to 3 weeks for overseas shipments)

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Want to know more?
The NT Infopack DVD is currently being worked on it contains lots of detailed drawings and high-res. photos.