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NT6 Wood Burning Turbine

Introducing the worlds' first wood burning generator / Turbine wood-stove

The NT/6 Enginerator


These photos were taken during the first ever trial run of the NT/6 gas producer section. 

250-C18 01 
Fully loaded with 60lbs of split hardwood, 12PSI compressor discharge pressure. Approx. 120,000RPM gas producer turbine speed. 50PSI oil pressure. 1400deg F EGT. This thing really honks!

250-C18 02 
This is a good shot of the electric oil pump. The exhaust plume is visible on the left side of the turbo. 

250-C18 03 
Here is a view of the fire in the combustor through the Pyrex sight glass.
The pipe fitting on the side is for air to keep the glass clean.

Update Aug. 21

NT6 01 Aug21-99  
This is NT/6 after the first test of the throttle system. Throttling worked, but not exactly as expected. The needed changes were identified and will be made this week. Run time was :30 min @ 10-15 psi with no gas leakage as before. The sound is deafening, an air intake silencer is needed. The test was aborted at :30 min due to a blown compressor discharge air hose. The full load of wood appears to be only blackened.

Update Jan. 20

Finally I have had time to get back to this important project. The new throttle system works great! We have also learned to put less fuel in at start-up for a cleaner more controlled burn. This thing works even better than I thought. see the new videos below....

New throttle system  New throttle system  New throttle system  New throttle system  
New throttle system  New throttle system  New throttle system  New throttle system  
New throttle system  New throttle system  New throttle system  New throttle system


 NT/6 Highlights (proposed specifications)
- self starting.
- runs on wood, garbage or bio-mass (or anything else you can stuff into the combustor that burns and gives off good heat).
- totally self sufficient - can be run in remote locations without gas or diesel fuel.
- expected to produce around  2,000W continuous.
- DC output:  24V @ 80A
- AC output: 120 - 240V @ 50-60Hz (AC output will depend upon battery and inverter capacity)
- excellent source of warmth.
- fuel wood consumption: TBA.
- easy to maintain, (change the oil every few months)
- reliable, turbos are simple and last a long time.

More to follow. I have not begun working on the free turbine and generator system yet. (Too busy with other projects!) 

NT/6 Streaming Videos

Note: In most cases your computer will try to play these videos as they are downloading (streaming video). If your connection is not fast enough they will not playback smoothly. For slower connections Right Click on the video and choose "Save Target As". Save the video file to your desktop then play it from there.

NT/6 Tour (narrated).

NT/6 Run-Up.


Want to know more?
The NT Infopack CD here contains lots of detailed drawings and high-res. photos.