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The new TCR series
The new TCR series radial turbocharger from MAN B&W features un-cooled casings, integral lube oil inlet and drain, compact high performance plain bearings, more accessible compressor wheel to shaft fixation method and reduced component count. The rotating group is designed for low moment of inertia and best dynamic behavior.
MTU 2000 CR
On the MTU 2000 CR the turbo charger turbines are located inside the water-cooled support housing, which receives exhaust gases from the collectors of both cylinder banks. Exhaust gas ducting to the turbine volute is triple-walled along its entire length. Downstream of the turbocharger a "Y" piece combines the separate exhaust outlets into one pipe that exits horizontally. This single outlet greatly simplifies exhaust gas systems in the vessel. Shown is the 12V/16V configuration.
2000 CR Diesel
The 2000 CR Diesel features the type ZR125 single stage turbochargers newly developed by MTU. The ZR125 is designed to give high pressure boost. Maximum pressure is 4.0 bar at the engine's rated power for fast ships with low load factors.
A cutaway of the new MS5002E heavy-duty, two-shaft gas turbine specifically designed for mechanical drive applications.
Siemens V94.3A
Siemens V94.3A gas turbine.
Mitsubishi's new MET-MA series of turbochargers are based off of the company's experience in producing MET turbos for marine diesel engine applications. Pictured is the first production frame size, the MET60MA
Cutaway/cross section showing the MET-MA Turbocharger.
The GE 7FDM marine diesel from getransportation.com



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