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Nye Thermodynamics

Nye Thermodynamics arose from our early turbocharger turbine development days. Way back in 1984 we realized that the jet engine from a turbocharger concept was viable as a prime mover for many applications.  NTC really got rolling commercially back in 1996 when our first web page connected us with thousands of like minded and encouraging people.  NTC has evolved and matured into a provider of custom turbine components and consulting.  NTC continues to develop its reputation for being innovative and will continue to network and accrue various turbine related skills and technologies.

Most recently NTC has been focusing on it's Bio-Fueled Microturbine generator for distributed generation of combined heat and power.

 Mark Nye

Mark (NTCs founder and president) was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Born in 1962, he graduated grade 12 at Port Credit High School in 1981 (electronics major).  After working for a couple of years at Nye Manufacturing Ltd.  and the Canadian Armed Forces, (Infantry TQ2 MG) he then went on to earn a two year mechanical design engineering diploma at Humber College in Rexdale Ontario. Mark is also the President of Nye Manufacturing Ltd. a family owned welding and fabricating business started in 1952 by his father Jack Nye. Mark has always been interested in machines of all sorts, and became addicted to gas turbines in the late 70s when he saw jet cars and a turbine dragster for the first time at Toronto International Speedway.
The success of nyethermodynamics.com, the e-mail it generates and the internet in general continue to be a great source of inspiration for Mark. 



 Jose Simoes

Jose is NTC's webmaster and the engineering manager for Nye Manufacturing Ltd. He was born in Pombal Portugal, graduated in civil engineering at the institute of professional studies of Porto, graduated in comunications in the Air Force and also graduated in Mechanical engineering CAD/CAM Technology at Humber College in Rexdale Ontario.


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