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NT-ABS101 After Burner System.

  • Uses excess fuel from HP pump on FCU.
  • One piece billet aluminum manifold.
  • Pilot lighted 12V solenoids for streak and fire.
  • Adjustable output.
  • Streak timer.


This is a brief summary of how the Nye afterburner control works:


Raw fuel (gas, diesel or jet A) dumped straight into the tail pipe will not light, it will only smoke like crazy. To get the burner to rock like the jet cars at the drags you need a complete system.

The NT-ABS101 system consists of a control manifold that has two control solenoids, one for fire and one for streak. It also has an adjustable bias control valve that limits the FCU pressure drop to prevent flameout. There is normally excess fuel available at the high pressure pump on the FCU at low rpm so we can tap into the HP test port (on the T58 at least) to feed the AB control.

The streak solenoid will flow fuel in pulses (due to the repeat cycle timer we supply) into a squirt nozzle (we supply the NT-SIJ101/T58 for the GE T58 only) that screws into one of the combustor drains or customer air bleeds on the combustor. This fine stream of fuel will burn as it passes through the turbines into the tail pipe where it lights the main fuel coming from the AB solenoid. The idea of pulsing the streak fuel is to limit the thermal effects of raw fuel impinging on the turbines. ITT (Intra Turbine Temperature) will not rise much due to streak fuel injection because the fuel is not atomized, as a liquid stream it does not burn completely in the combustor. Ng will increase slightly. With this system you can light the main AB fuel whenever you like creating all the effects.

An Igniter plug in the tail pipe is the first thing many people think of for AB light-off. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to get this to work unless you have a proper catalytic or torch type igniter. On Junkyard Wars, we had a TF41 igniter plug mounted in the burner right beside the flame holder with a gasoline nozzle pointing straight at it. (Keep in mind that this is a frighteningly powerful igniter plug)  Even after readjusting the fuel spray position several times, and varying the fan RPM, the gas simply would not light.  We ended up with one of the RDF crew spraying raw gasoline from a squirt bottle in one hand while lighting it with an oxy-acetylene torch in the other. The flaming gas was sucked straight into the intake, lighting the main fuel from 6 Holley fuel pumps at the spray ring.  Needless to say this manual streak method did the trick – and we won!

The NT-ABINJ main fuel injector has a metering pill that mixes raw fuel from the NT-ABS101 control valve with anti-icing air from the compressor. This produces a mix of emulsified fuel and air that can be aimed upstream toward the power turbine. We like to mount the NT-ABINJ as low in the exhaust stack as possible. The nozzle is adjustable so you can aim it to where it works best.

With this two switch, two circuit system we can produce a variety of burner effects: billowing clouds of white smoke, short “burner pops”, loud booms, lazy yellow fire (low Ng) or a short bluish torching fire (80% Ng). On Squirt 2, we have the main fire switch on the reverse lever (left hand) and the streak switch on the steering wheel (right index finger). They are both momentary toggle switches so between the two, we can put on a great (frightening) fire show – especially on the water at night.

Whether we do a run-up on the trailer or on the water, we often get a full turnout from the local fire department because some idiot calls to say they saw an explosion. The guys are always great and in good humor when they arrive to see it’s only me and Squirt – good bless our firefighters!

A powerful afterburner is a must for show and effect on all turbine boats, the crowds love it – they crave it!  Don’t be a pussy, order your NTC afterburner system today!

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