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NT-RS101 NT-RS101

NT-RS101   Run-Stop solenoid valve.

  • 2 Position - 3 Way Valve. Provides positive, switch controlled emergency shut off.
  • Pilot lighted 12V (or 24V) solenoid.
  • Simplifies throttle system. (Power lever can be left at ground idle position)
  • Provides easy way to purge fuel system.
  • Can be used as a fuel selector valve for Bio-Diesel powered vehicles.

I have found this to be the trick set-up for turbine run-stop control. This valve is designed for the job and won't "dead-head" the FCU. (The drain to tank port starts to open before the flow divider port closes).

Don't trust a simple 2-way "on off" dump valve that relies on the anti-piddle valve in your flow divider and a open return line to tank. Get the proper, positive-acting equipment: NT-RS101.

Other Uses:

The NT-RS101 can be used for selecting fuel sources on Bio-Diesel powered vehicles with two fuel tanks. The valve will allow you to switch between regular diesel for starting and cold weather operations and then switch to Bio-Diesel when conditions permit.

Contact us ( ) for more details about how the NT-RS101 works and why every non-flying turbine should have one.


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