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NT-RS201 NT-RS201 NT-RS201 NT-RS201 NT-RS201

NT-RS201   Run-Stop solenoid valve.

This is a Dual Spool - 2 Position, 3-Way Valve. Used for, switch controlled main engine shut off (run-stop), afterburner main fuel and streak control applications.
Dual spools - Reduces the likelihood of failure due to a single spool sticking open. This is required by many sanctioning bodies.
For turbine main fuel, the NT-RS201 simplifies the throttle system. The power lever can be left at the ground idle position, keeping the stop-cock position in reserve for emergency shut down.
Provides easy way to purge and circulate the fuel system. Helpful when blending fuel additives.
Can be used as a fuel selector valve for Bio-Diesel powered vehicles.
I have found this to be the trick set-up for turbine run-stop control. The spools have a “soft shift” feature that won't "dead-head" the FCU. The drain to tank port starts to open before the flow divider port closes.
I would not trust a simple 2-Way "on-off" valve that just opens a line to tank and relies on the anti-piddle valve in your flow divider to stop fuel flow to the engine. Nor would I use one to simply block the fuel flow with no return to tank. Get the positive-acting NT-RS201” - Mark


  • Optional 12V or 24V electrics
  • Pilot lighted DIN connectors
  • Continuous duty solenoids
  • -10 AN (O ring boss) ports
  • Red anodized aluminum body (with drilled mounting holes)
  • Sealed spools (prevents outside contamination)
  • Dual spools (provides redundancy)
  • Spools can be controlled individually to verify function
  • Spools are rated for 12 US GPM (720 US gallons per hour)
  • Maximum rated pressure 3,500 PSI

Contact us ( ) for more details about how the NT-RS201 works and why every non-flying turbine should have one.


The NT-RS201 is guaranteed to sink in water and hurt if you drop it on your toe. No other warranty or promise of performance of any kind is expressed or implied. The NT-RS201 is not tested, not engineered, and not approved. It is up to the owner to determine the devices suitability and fitness for the intended purpose.

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