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NT-SS101 NT-SS101 NT-SS101 NT-SS101 NT-SS101


NT-SS101  Soft Start.

  • Controls in-rush current to prevent starter drive failure.
  • Power resister.
  • Solenoid.
  • Stainless cover.
  • Electronic One Shot Timer.

I learned the hard way that most engines (like the T58) have a shear point in the accessory drive shaft that will go "ping" if you whack it too hard with a good pair of Optima AGM batteries on a cold day. The Lear starter for Squirt 2 (like many others) has a slip clutch that is designed to limit the initial starting torque. These clutches tend to seize solid over time and are a pain in the arse to fix.  No problem, NT-SS101 to the rescue.

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