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Wood Fired Microturbine

Microturbine  Me and T98-NT-XX

Fire Wood 
This experimental microturbine runs on regular firewood.

The beginning Box magazine
We began experimenting with a rectangular "box magazine" type fuel silo. We wanted the wood to gravity feed to the grate in an orderly fashion just like bullets in a magazine.

Testing The Works It smokes Testing the steel version 
Here we are testing the steel version of the fuel silo. The wood feeds with minimal sticking and hang-ups.

The beginning Flames The Works
Our first test with a cyclone to eliminate char emissions.

First attempt The gadgets run-up
First attempted run-up. All controls are fully manual and are a bit of a handful.

It's red...  ...and firing
This version would not self sustain due to excessive pressure drop in the cyclone and associated piping.

Self sustained run-up Adjusting Running and...noise... 
 First self sustaining run-up. With the external cyclone removed and the piping simplified. Still fully manual control.

Turbine Turbine Turbine Turbine
 First run-up with a Power Turbine. The power turbine in this case only produces compressed air.

Prototype Pneumatic engine control Fully Automatic
 This is our prototype pneumatic engine control. It is fully automatic and works a trick!

Electrical power generation Electrical power generation Electrical power generation from wood to electricity
Sept 29 2006 this is the first time we generated electrical power. The fuel was split hardwood. this is the machine that was demonstrated on The Discovery Channel in 2008.
We have finished with this prototype for now. We are now focusing on our J07 gas generator and PU37 Power turbine and gearbox.

The following companies helped make this project possible:

Arizona Turbo and Tractor Supply

Lynch Fluid Controls

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