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NT-SP9844      Series Parallel Switch.

  • 12V coil. 1500 Amp Intermittent Duty.
  • Replaces starter solenoid.
  • Allows use of all 12V accessories and charging system.
  • Connects batteries in parallel (12V) for charging and in series (24V) for cranking.

This is the only way to go for a boat. I like to keep everything 12V - charging, lights, accessories etc. The NT-SP9844 keeps everything 12V with both batteries connected in parallel for charging and for loads. When you energize the solenoid the 12V loads keep working off battery 1. Battery 2 gets disconnected and reconnected in series to the starter and battery 1, this provides 24V for cranking only.

Don't forget to use an NT-SS101 Soft Start box for each engine to protect the input shaft from breakage.


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